Jess Franco Triple Set on 5 vinyls! Bloody Moon (Soundtrack), The Naked Superwitches Of The Rio Amore (Soundtrack) and Lolita Am Scheideweg (Soundtrack)


Only 7 sets in stock! Special price 😉


3 Jess Franco soundtracks from the 1980’s in one set on 5 LP’s!!! Music by Gerhard Heinz. These are some of the most wanted Private Records vinyls and completely sold out editions. There are all in all only 7 sets available/left!


Gerhard Heinz – Bloody Moon 3xLP, rare red vinyl, triple foldout cover + mega rare large promo poster! (first 3LP horror movie soundtrack in the world!)

Gerhard Heinz – The Naked Superwitches Of The Rio Amore, pink vinyl + “Vinyl Is Sexy” sticker!

Gerhard Heinz – Lolita Am Scheideweg, rare pink marbled vinyl + “Vinyl Is Sexy” sticker!




Jess Franco 5LP set


3 different and sold out Gerhard Heinz soundtracks


12" LP Album


Colored Vinyl

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