The first bunch of liquid filled vinyls was sent out already mixed with a lot of signed vinyls. The amount of orders was larger than expected so recent orders taking 1-2 weeks to ship out at the moment. Just producing new liquid filled vinyl right now. If you received a liquid filed vinyl load the …


T.O.Y. feat. Marian Gold – „Turn On!“ The voice of Alphaville teams up with T.O.Y. Pink vinyl limited edition available here now:  –


Every 8 Private Records vinyl including a liquid filled and/or signed by stars GLOW IN THE DARK super limited edition now! Available in October 2022 here:… The video shows Nico from Vinylmanufaktur presenting this super limited Glow In The Dark vinyls. Only about 30 will be available!


Hamburg based radio station ByteFM will broadcast a Metropol Nights radio show on Wednesday 07.09. (10 pm) and Saturday 10.09 (6 am)


It was annoying when YouTube deleted our old channel because of some harmless promotion for 1970’s/1980’s porn soundtracks some years ago. We decided to create a new channel this year. Please check it out and subscribe for not missing out the latest clips.  


This is how the postal shop next door looking already at 7 AM in the morning. Stuffed to the max. Shipping out all recent private and wholesale orders will take about one week – because the vinyls got delivered a bit delayed by the carrier from the stock to our office on 05.08. Pre-sale orders … Thanks to Anja Buchmann and the editors!


Several interesting “Metropol Nights” radio shows get broadcasted in Germany in August. Including tales from the Berlin night life of the 1980’s and interviews. -Deutschlandfunk – Tonart 05.08. -Deutschlandradio (Deutschlandfunk – Corso Radio Show) 05.08. featuring RSF and Private Records -80s80s Radio 01.08-05.08 featuring Boy George, Roland Sebastian Faber and Andy Bell -ByteFM (Hidden Tracks) 10.08. …


Boy George & Culture Club and Andy Bell (Erasure) talking exclusiv with 80s80s radio about the upcoming Private Records album “Metropol Nights” which get’s released in August 2022.


80s80s radio 1980’s space cosmic special featuring Private Records interview + lot music videos and infos! Also as show on radio broadcast 😉

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