Last chance to order one of the 100+ different vinyl splatter and marbled vinyl limited editions! Various – Let’s Go Into Space VI


Private Records continuing the “Let’s Go Into Space” compilation series. The photo showing Kamila Olšaníková of the 1980’s cosmic electro project Sirius from Czecheslovakia. Only one of the sought after rarities of this perfect “Various Artists” vinyl with album qualities. Buy one of the first 100 vinyl copies with special inserts here:


Cinepunx article related to the recent Private Records releases Featuring Supersempfft, RSF,… . Thank you guys!  


Starburst article related to the recent Private Records: Christian Bruhn – Alice Im Wunderland (Originalsoundtrack der ZDF Serie)   ALICE IM WUNDERLAND OST  


Kinki Roland – Tales From The Farside EP


Thanks for the large interest in the special sale XXL. The stuff from the past 10 years is gone 98%.  There’s finally a lot space again for new releases! Looking forward to 10 more years of vinyl collection together with you. Most orders shipped out already, last 7 following on Monday 15.03.2021. Stucked a bit …


Cosmic Joker

Was man erntet, dass säht man. Wer im Steinhaus sitzt soll nicht mit Glas werfen. Alle Dinger haben ein Ende nur die 3 hat drei.


Not only Private Records is celebrating a 10 years anniversary also our support for children in Africa lasting for 10 years now. Private Records donated 28 € every month for 10 years. All in all about 3360,00 €. If you are thinking about donating money for something positive check out: If children and people who …



Hermann Henselmann ist ja nicht ganz auf 369 Meter gekommen, da haben wir noch’n Meter nachgebaut.


We are listening to the bst album in the world so far and wishing you good luck for the future :   RSF by RSF Die Ärzte sind die beste Band der Welt, aber das beste Album ist RSF!

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