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‘Suspense’ and ‘Cosmos 2043’ were made one after the other in 1975. The writing and production lasted two months for the first and four months for the other. I chose to do everything alone because I did not trust the technicians and musicians around me: I thought they were way behind the times. For the performance of these albums, I used a Solina keyboard, Hohner Clavinet, Korg Poly and a monophonic Moog plus of course the Mini Korg 700 I still use today. I also had a Teac 4-track tape recorder, Power effects (a French brand since disappeared) and a 12-track Allen & Heath console. A real home studio before it’s time in 1975! ‘Cosmos 2043’ (released in 1977) is known for the track ‘Earth Message’ as sampled by The Chemical Brothers in their ‘Got Glint’ track. I chose the date 2043 at random; it had to indicate a distant time, far away. Now I imagine that life in 2043 will be harder with warmer temperatures than today but unless I live to be 97 I will never know for sure! Bernard Fevre, 2015


Bernard Fevre


Cosmos 2043


12" LP Album

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