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This album is an intergalactic journey through time and space. In my point of view a port (German „Hafen“) is a starting point to travel with itchy feet to infinite distances and not a place of arrival. With our spaceship we visit new galaxies and alien worlds. Needless to say, without any fear. Planets passing by and in distance stars are glittering bright – ready to be explored one day. I’m thinking about ambivalent human inventions, for example the computer which brought us not only blessings. In „Back To 1960“ you can feel the melancholic desire that everything should be as in the good old days. There’s a conflict in my feelings which started in the time of early electronic music. I managed this by combining synthesizers with acoustic instruments. Nearly 35 years after this music was first produced, the lost album has been published. I hope you enjoy it! (Frederic Mirage, 2014)


Frederic Mirage




12" LP Album

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