Michael Bundt & Peter Seiler – Dreamdancer / Carl Ludwig, Der Traumtänzer


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One of Germanys most beloved cosmic musicians is back with an unbelivabale vinyl record exactly 40 years after it’s prodcution in 1976. Michael Bundt and Peter Seiler recorded this lost masterpiece at the finest hour. Maybe destiny made this album got lost in the oblivion. After decades the original master tape was rediscovered in an archive and it will stir up the blood of all soundtrack, krautrock and cosmic collectors! The story:Michael Bundt is one of the most facinating and beloved persons in the german Rock scene. He started with the legendary krautrock band „Nine Days Wonders“ in 1970. The green sponge cover debut album is one of the most sought after german rock records until today.

In 1977 he released „Just Landed Cosmic Kid the first of 3 solo albums. The follow up „Neon“ an extremely rare masterpiece which followed 2 years later in 1979. Music wise a peak in his electronic krautrock works.

This is the story so far. „Dreamdancer“ is an acoustic and also a bridge in the timeline between Michael’s times at Nine Days Wonder and his solo carreer. A new first solo project. Originated in a cooperation with Peter Seiler who already played together with Michael in their band project „Nerve“ before.

„Dreamdancer“ aka „Carl Ludwig, Der Traumtänzer“ is a movie production by Michael’s father Charlie. Charlie Bundt (28.01.28 – 05.03.80) worked as musican, singer, entertainer and parodist in his early years before he started a career as movie producer. Michael Bundt can be seen as extra in many of his films.

The original tapes were confiscated and are stored in a German government agency archive with all the other banned movies until today.

The film spools made headlines in Germany about one year ago when a private collector claimed against the government agency trying them to surrender a copy of the extremely rare and sought after movie. The private collector surprisingly won the case however the delivery of the footage got refused until now. Trial may went into a 2nd round.

The story in short words: Mr. Pimmel offers the story board of a western to Carl Ludwigs publishing agency. Carl is captured in pornographic fantasies all day and night tries to stay concentrated at work without luck. In part 2 his mind is drifting to more exotic places, collectors will do nearly everything to get a copy of this even rarer tape (rarest german porn movie, only the confiscated copy seems to exists).

The movie starring Sigrun Theil, Britt Corvin, Inge Binder along others. Salamanda the girl you may know from the Just Landed Cosmic Kid artwork and her solo release „Salamanda’s Show“ (released by Blubber Lips, Heidelberg in 1978 ) is also featured in several scenes.


Michael Bundt & Peter Seiler


Dreamdancer / Carl Ludwig, Der Traumtänzer


12" LP Album


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