Various Artists – Let’s Go Into Space IV


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Various – Let’s Go Into Space IV
requested a lot and now finally in production…

250 copies on black and 250 copies on blue vinyl, round “Minimize Panel” gimmicks cover limited edition. Handmade in Germany.

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Adding some stories from behind the scenes for you:

Angela Dean’s paralyzing space disco track “World X” is a soundtrack production by Detto Mariano (Exterminators Of The Year 3000) from 1979. It became a big underground to overground disco hit back in the days.

In case of the private pressing „Rendez Vous – My Blue Bird“ from 1978 it took 18 months until the holder on the rights were found. The music was produced by Angelo Crisci who won some years after the production of „My Blue Bird“ the Eurovision song contest for Belgium with his production „Sandra Kim – J’Aime La Vie“ in 1986. Shame over the bootlegers who released this track from our repertoire unofficially!

In case of „Love Spirit – Burn The Witch“ composer „Giorgio Sgarbi“ unfortunately already passed away. Both the producer of the song and ex manager of WPL records spoke only in the highest tones of him and would like to bring him with his song „Burn The Witch“ on LGIS4 back to the mind of music fans. A small memorial for an artist from one of the most important music circles of Germany (Frank Farian, Boney M Producer crew).

„The Primates“ are nobody less than 1970’s/1980’s french superstar„Saint Preux“. The instrumental version of „King Kong“ showing one more time his psychedelic side.

Schaltkreis Wassermann contributing the previously unrelased epic downtempo synth. track „Space Symphony“.

Dieter Bührig aka Disco Connection wrote the magical track “Butterfly Dance”. One of the most exciting techno prototypes from the 1970’s I heard so far. He doesn’t produce any more music but works as a writer nowaydays. If you are interested you can google his stuff easily.

Pans People’s Club Lido is an early prodcution by Steve Coe and Bob Mitchell who some years later became very famous as producers of superstar „Laura Branigan“.

And last but not least „Carl Barok – Blue Nights in Granada“ is the first record of Dieter Kolb who later was part of the cosmic cult band „Supersempfft“ from Frankfurt (by the way Supersemppfft were featured on GTA 5 soundtrack „smile“

Artwork by Berlin cult designer Chrisse Kunst. Remastered by Peter Grünheim.


Various Artists


Let’s Go Into Space IV


12" LP Album

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